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Mission & Vision

God has given us life. Did he ever ask how we are dealing with it? He has never given us trouble to give any sort of explanation. Did you know why? The answer is as simple as the question; he knows that the soul is immortal. The atman never perished, it is eternal or “Shashwat”.

The life which we all are proud “Shashwat Jyoti ”. A flame which is immortal and in every condition is our life. Bhagwat Geeta says,

“ Nainam shastram chindanti,nainam javati pawakah”

It is the music of god, the nada of Adi Brahaman which is just in the either as a part and parcel of every living creature.

Look the wonders of god. He never created anything useless. He knows that life in what so ever form will be his manifestation . it can change the forms buty the soul is the same. We all know the philosophies but how to incorporate it in day to day life. There are many books in the library, book shop or even the market but it doesn’t make every one educated. Even the shopkeeper who is running a book shop , selling the IAS, IPS books never became a professional of higher cadre. Why? The knowledge has to bring in the practice. Just remember the food is in front of you in a well decorated Thali, Stell the effort to take the food from the thali to the mouth has make by the person itself.