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Shaswat Jyoti Magazine

The action plan was started way back last couples of year , when the founder itself makes a serious effort to establish the bi-monthly magazine “Shaswat Jyoti “. A family magazine to cover as many social, family and cultural issues with a clear understanding to deliver the best of knowledge and experience to the society.

The magazine circulation has gone up to 5000 in just one and half year efforts and with the divine blessings and continuous efforts may reach upto one million readers in next five years.

Awareness and Sadhana Camps

In order to get the pariwar members a better understanding of the mission and its vision, a secial awareness and sadhana camps are being running across the globe. This will helps us to establish a repo among the world intellectual and the mass media.

Various Kathas and Pravachans of poojya Swamiji:

In order to give the message of Bhagwat Geeta, Ramayan, Mahabarata and other Vedic scriptures to the common mass, the kathas and pravachans are the reqular theme of the mission activites.